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Our Mossy Earth partnership helps us to become a more eco-friendly company

Mossy Earth

Who are Mossy Earth?

Mossy Earth share a passion for the preservation of our natural world. They work to restore wild ecosystems, support wildlife, biodiversity and fight climate change.

They are actively promoting wilderness recovery through the execution of rewilding and reforestation efforts throughout multiple ecological systems around the world. To further these initiatives, we have partnered with them to provide assistance in the projects listed below.

Mossy Earth

The vision

Rewild and protect this planet to secure the future of wilderness and biodiversity in balance with human society.


Efforts to restore forests involve planting new trees and introducing seedlings from existing tree species in places where woodlands were recently damaged or cleared.


Rewilding endeavours to rebuild ecologically vibrant systems. Believing that nature can restore itself with assistance; re-generating ecosystems where natural predation, grazing, rebirth and decay can thrive.

Carbon Sequestration

Planting trees is a cost-effective and reliable solution to remove carbon from the atmosphere, an endeavor that is accessible in our current era.

A bit of history..

Witnessing first-hand the effects of climate change and the destruction of the natural world on our travels, we felt compelled to fight back. That is why we created Mossy Earth. It is a pathway to action, empowering you to fight back and have a real impact by restoring key ecosystems and mitigating your carbon emissions.

Matt DaviesCo-Founder at Mossy Earth

How are Mossy Earth different?

Mossy Earth are much more than your typical tree planting organisation.

They don’t plant trees just to increase tree cover nor are they focussed on carbon credits.

They plant the right trees in the right places, and run high impact rewilding projects that improve overall ecosystem health and nature’s resilience to climate change.

Mossy Earth

Tell me more..

Their team of biologists research, implement, and seek a diverse range of projects that offer the highest environmental return on investment from kelp restoration to protecting vultures.

They support ecosystems and species that are underfunded, threatened or that play a large role in climate mitigation and adaptation.

Mossy Earth

What initiatives are Luchos supporting?

Mossy Earth

We are supporting a project to scale up kelp forest restoration in Portugal. In partnership with SeaForester, Mossy Earth are trialing the novel ‘green gravel’ technique which has the potential to restore large areas of kelp forests more cost effectively.

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Mossy Earth

We are supporting work to restore a flooded forest in the Istragov area which is part of the Danube River inland Delta of Slovakia. This intervention is helping to bring back biodiversity that has been missing from the area since the wetland dried up after the dam was built.

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Mossy Earth

We are helping to fund Otter surveys at Glassie Farm in Perthshire, Scotland. These surveys will add to the understanding of how different species use the project area and the results will be included in a SEPA licence application which must be approved before we Mossy Earth can begin building the Beaver Dam Analogues. The results will also serve as baseline data to track how the project and the resulting habitat changes impact this charismatic species.

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Mossy Earth

We are supporting the breeding of 80-100 water voles (Arvicola amphibius) which will be released at Trelusback Farm this spring. Weighing around 330g when fully grown, these mini ecosystem engineers will increase the diversity of habitats available to other species through burrowing and grazing, and supplement the small population of water voles that Mossy Earth reintroduced to the same area in 2022.

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