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Made using the finest Natural Guava.


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Tasty blocks in a Natural Wrapper.


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Increase your focus and stamina.

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Natural Guava Energy


Natural Colombian Energy

Developed from Colombian energy bars, race proven for over 50 years, these delicious blocks of guava are a tasty and natural way to get an energy boost…. for all age groups and abilities.

Real food for athletes

HomeGluten Free Home Vegan Energy

100% Compostable leaf wrapper

Unique leaf packaging means you can dispose of it and leave no footprint.

Four great flavours

Choose from Classic Plain Guava, Guava & Raspberry, Guava & Açai, Guava & Coffee.

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... these are, hands down, the best energy bars I have ever tasted.

Runner's World

... they taste great and melt quickly in the mouth, which is a welcome change of pace from the usual syrupy gels.

Mens Health

A welcome change. This is your mid run alternative. In addition it is a hit of energy-boosting carbs, these blocks are also full of vitamins A and C.

SportsShoesWainwrights Round Record Holder James Forrest

Lucho Dillitos guava energy blocks – a mix of sugar and fruit that provide an epic energy boost and taste way better than gels. You’ve got to treat yourself when you’re out on a big adventure.


This is a job for Lucho Dillitos Bocadillos, aka "Colombia's original energy bar": a piece of tropical Kendal mint cake wrapped in a dried leaf that is as natural as any other leaf on the road.

Velo Blog

A different approach to sport nutrition. Natural Energy from Columbia (Yes it’s legal) and it’s like a bar and gel rolled into one making it one block of energy.


Lucho Dillitos Energy Bars are easy to eat, chew, swallow, and digest ... I liked the texture, sweetness, lack of mess, and the biodegradable wrapping.