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As one of the first adopters of eco-friendly wrappers, our aim was to reduce litter in our countryside, rivers and oceans.

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Mossy Earth. This is another step forward, improving the impact we have on the environment by supporting a team of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to innovative reforestation, rewilding and conservation projects.

Our Mission

Luchos was born from a desire to create the ideal energy block for modern cyclists and runners; to find a natural alternative to energy drinks and gels ladened with additives and preservatives.

One that tasted good, actually worked and didn’t cause the digestion problems that have plagued cyclists and athletes throughout the world. These aspirations, combined with our environmental concerns, took us on quite a journey!



Luchos are inspired by Colombian bocadillos, a popular block made from natural guava pulp, a noted superfruit packed with nutrition and beneficial minerals.

They have long been a treasured secret for Colombian cyclists, who have used them in competitive tournaments like the Tour de France for over 50 years.

Luchos was built upon taking this iconic South American delicacy and packing in more flavours and more nutritional benefits with the likes of Acai, Coffee and Raspberry.

Improving on a winning formula

This has resulted in an energy bar that still has its roots in tradition but is decidedly modern, providing rapid energy boosts, easy digestibility and packed full of 100% natural ingredients.

A block we are proud to say has powered professional cyclists and runners to great success as well as hobbyists and beginners to PBs and personal success stories. The height of this came in 2020 when our energy bars were used to scale Mt Everest, handling the harshest conditions far better than competitor energy gels.

Luchos have also helped to power athletes to impressive results in competitions, including helping to fuel the ‘fastest all women’s crew’ in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge in 2023.

Addressing Sport’s Eco Impact

Perhaps our greatest success in creating a modern and natural energy bar comes in the form of our iconic leaf wrapper. It’s no secret that cycling routes, hiking trails and public paths are frequently covered in litter and waste, harming the environment and cluttering picturesque spots with wrappers, bottles and other discarded trash. It’s an issue that impacts the sport from top to bottom and we were keen to address this in our product.

All Luchos come wrapped in a 100% compostable bijao leaf which means you can just discard it where you like whilst out in nature, allowing for convenience during exercise as well as helping reduce the impact we all have on the environment and our trails. We are continuously working towards improving the environmental impact of our product and are passionate supporters of organisations like Mossy Earth who are making this world a greener place for all.


Luchos is a modern energy and nutrition brand built from the traditional roots of South American cycling. Our energy bars are made with natural ingredients and have helped people achieve amazing things in the world of cycling, running, and beyond. Our products provide real energy boosts from real fruit and this means they digest easily and they have an immediate but continual impact to help you go that extra mile. Our leaf wrapper means you can quickly throw it away without adding to the litter on our trails.

Convenient, nutritious energy blocks that deliver real results. That is Luchos.