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Crossing the Atlantic fuelled by Luchos Energy!


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Lucho are bursting with natural guava goodness...

Woman throwing leaf wrapper off boat

Our proudest moments as a brand are when we can help support people to achieve something spectacular. We’ve previously helped power James Forrest to record breaking hiking success as well as giving Ed Hill the boost he needed to scale Mt Everest

Luchos blocks on boat, held by a woman

This brings us onto this year, where we were able to support an all-female rowing team to incredible success in the 4800km Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Daisy Lucker, Aileen Mccan, Corrine Amos & Jess RoweIt (known collectively as Full Throttle) were able to complete the 3,000 mile course in just 42 days 7 hours 18 minutes, making them winners in the women’s class.

The whole team rowed incredibly hard and the hours of training was all worth it when they crossed the finish line! To come out as the winners of the women’s class is an amazing achievement and a huge congratulations to the whole team on their deserved success.

Women eating Luchos energy block on boat

It has been just over a month since they returned to dry land and we are incredibly proud to have been a part of the journey and the success of this extraordinary team as they continue to push themselves further and achieve even more. It was great to hear back from the team and see how our blocks handled the 7 seas.


Daisy Lucker said of our energy blocks :

‘I have to say we really did love having these with us on the row. Whether it would be to get us through the night shift, a bout of sea sickness or just as an everyday sugar hit – they well and truly saved the day.’

The girls were not just doing the race to help challenge themselves but they were also raising money for 4 great causes, one chosen by each of the girls. Their just-giving page remains open, and they are committed to raising awareness for these fantastic charities. We are thrilled to announce that, including the open links, the team have already raised over £20,000.

To honour the success of the team and their incredible achievement, it’d be great to see them raise as much money as possible for their worthy causes. If you can give something, click the link here to be taken to their justgiving page.

Thank you once again to the girls for the great pictures and a huge congratulations on their tremendous success. All the best in whatever you choose to pursue in the future and as you return to regular life in the UK.