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Cycling Routes in Wales


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A cyclist approaching a sharp bend on a road in Wales

Best Cycling Routes in Wales

Cycling is a favourite pastime across the UK and there are so many different paths and ranges across all 4 countries in the UK that it can be hard to locate the best routes that will best suit you and your cycling style. Wales is no exception with a wide variety of courses that suit different skill levels. These can vary from mountain bike trails to long distance endurance challenges, some going over 200 miles!

We’ve decided to pool together a list of the different cycling routes with a nice variety as well as covering a large range of different locations across the Welsh landscape. If you’re looking for something to challenge yourself or just want a new cycling experience, we hope this list of the best cycling routes in Wales will help you. If you’re looking for other locations, check out our master sheet to the best cycling routes across the UK.

Elan Valley Trail (Elan Valley)

Route Distance : 15 KM

The Elan Valley Trail is a linear path starting in Cwmdauddwr, just west of Rhayader and finishing further up the Elan Valley at Craig Goch Dam. It was designed to make the local countryside more accessible to less-able walkers and cyclists and provides a good opportunity to explore with family and just have a nice relaxing ride.

People on the Elan Valley Cycle Route

Bay Trail (Cardiff)

Route distance : 10 KM

Cardiff is home to many different walk and cycle routes that provide a chance to check out the city and its surroundings. Mostly made up of paved paths, it is a nice leisurely path that offers many different cafes and restaurants to make a nice day of it and makes it ideal for families.

Cardiff Bay Cycle Trail

North Wales Coastal Route (North Wales)

Route Distance : 175 KM

Travelling from Holyhead to Chester, this route is an excellent choice for a longer ride across Wales. The Welsh coast is home to many spectacular sights and this longer route gives you ample opportunities to take in the environment. For the most part, it’s flat, traffic-free routes which allow for easy travel but there are some inclines and off-road sections to keep things fresh. For a coastal holiday checking out the different cities and what they have to offer, this route is certainly ideal.

North Wales Cycle Route on the coast

Tywi Valley Tour Of The Castles (Carmarthen)

Route Distance : 95 KM

Tywi Valley is one of the best areas in Wales to explore and cycle through and with a major cycle path currently in the works, this looks set to continue. One of the best current routes in the area is the Tour of The Castles which packs a lot in its 95 KM distance. The course starts with a long period of flat track before several incline sections, several being up to 10% incline, which really help to test the legs. While not being for everyone and certainly being a test, there is a reward at the end of this journey with plenty of vast and stunning views to help rest those tired legs.

Cycling Routes in Wales
Swansea Valley (Swansea)

Route Distance : 11 KM

If you’re looking for something a bit more laidback and designed for families, this shorter route in one of Wales’s biggest cities will certainly fit the bill. Mostly traffic-free and asphalt routes makes this ideal for inexperienced riders and it still has lots of unique views and sights to take in. Also, it’s a perfect route to try after exploring Swansea which makes it perfect for a weekend getaway.

Cyclists riding past a lake on Swansea Valley Cycle Route

West Carmarthenshire Routes (Carmarthenshire)

Route Distance : 102 KM

A nice circular route starting and ending in the charming town of Whitland. While the final ascent at the end will be a challenging one, this is a nice route that allows you to take in the local environment and rewards you for the effort you put into it. It’s by no means the hardest route either, though it will still be difficult for inexperienced riders, and there are plenty of quieter moments to catch your breath and just relax.

Cycling in Carmarthenshire
Gospel and Tumble (Hereford)

Route Distance : 95 KM

A circular route that combines the two of the most famous climbs in Welsh cycling, the Gospel Pass and the Tumble. The gospel pass is the highest paved road in Wales at 549m. With plenty of breather sections, it’s not as brutal as it may first sound but this will be a test but at least the final stretch is on the tumble’s decline!

Cycling Routes in Wales

Mawddach Trail (Dolgellau)

Route Distance : 14 KM

This shorter route is part of the infamous Lôn Las Cymru route (stay tuned!). This is a far simpler route that is more suited to a casual ride but it still has plenty to offer with views of staggering hills. Also, the estuary is home to plenty of vibrant wildlife and birds. It’s a nice sample of the bigger meal and it’s worth giving a go if you’re unsure of the endurance test that is the Lôn Las Cymru.

Cycling Routes in Wales

Lôn Las Cymru (All of Wales basically)

Route Distance : 402 KM

A long distance route if there ever was one, Lôn Las Cymru is the biggest route in Wales and covers a wide variety of routes and different course styles. With its sheer size, it is often split into different routes as discussed above. However, for the ultimate cycling trip, it’s one that provides challenges, views and unique experiences. It’s a unique style of course and one for the bucket list of any cycling enthusiast.

Cycling Routes in Wales

Cycle routes make such a great exercise and activity and we hope this list helped to showcase the diversity and depth of the cycle paths in Wales, one of the most under-appreciated areas in the UK. From short routes to endurance challenges to mountain inclines, Wales really does have it all and it’s up to you to get out there and explore it. Take the challenge and create new memories this weekend! Then, try out some of the other routes across the UK using our detailed master list of key locations.

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