Eco Water Bottle


The perfect companion to our Lean Protein Shake.

The Lucho Dillitos eco water bottle is lightweight, durable and designed for minimal environmental impact.

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The Eco Water Bottle (450ml)

Designed as the perfect companion to our Lean Protein Shake.

This is a robust yet lightweight bottle designed for everyday use, aligned with our core messaging and values by our chosen composition.

The bottle and lid are made from wheatgrass fibres and it is packed in a lightweight recyclable cardboard box – which is all completely compostable. The hygenic carry handle is made from durable BPA free recyclable plastic.

Key information

Made from Biodegradable Material
BPA Free Hygienic Carry Handle
Easy to Clean

This is not designed as a thermal flask to hold hot drinks and is not suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher.