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Fitness Goals for 2021


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The New Year is invariably all about setting your fitness goals for the year.  But New Year’s resolutions are notoriously hard to stick to, and with so much disruption globally with the Covid 19 pandemic this year, and with gyms likely to be affected by lockdowns well in to 2021, it’s harder than ever to set goals you can actually achieve.

This year, maybe think about setting yourself slightly different fitness goals, that can be achieved in the great outdoors. Running, cycling and endurance events are ideal.

If you give up or have given up already on your new fitness plan after about a week every January, you’re not alone. But there are ways you can help maintain focus and motivation well into the new year and beyond. It’s all about how you set your fitness goals, and how you implement these lifestyle changes.

It’s so important to be realistic; a new year is seen by many as a new start and people often go all in making lots of big changes at once; a new diet, dry January, aiming to train five times a week. Although intentions are good, there is no point going balls-to-the-wall in January, if after a few weeks you realise you have set your expectations too high and are unable to keep it up. Your routine should be sustainable throughout the year.

This is why personally I try and set a couple of goals a year, to keep me motivated and interested and build up to them over 6-9 months. For instance a first 5K race, a half marathon, even a best time in the marathon, your first ultra marathon? your first cycle sportive or one of the big cycling events like L’Etape du Tour in July or even your first Triathlon or can you step up to Ironman distance?

Once I/you have committed and spent some entrance money, it gets real – NO BACKING OUT NOW!! and this is of course important to stay motivated. You need a little bit of fear about an event to get you outside at this time of year for instance, but the event is the cherry on the top. I have always found the training is the best part. Seeing your times improve, endurance levels improve and your body even begin to change depending on what stresses you are putting it under. Then come summer , you are ready to go smash it (we hope).

Small achievable goals leading to the main event. It is important to be specific when setting goals, you need think about what you are looking to achieve in the end. Even if the answer is general fitness, try giving yourself little challenges to work towards, for example: nailing your first 5k or running for 45 minutes non stop or it could be swimming 20, then 40, then 60 lengths without a break in your local pool. It could also be deadlifting your own bodyweight or simply hitting your 10,000-step goal every day for a month, setting these small achievable goals will always lead to bigger goals further down the track.

Having a specific end goal to work towards, will help shape the direction of your training plan and can also help with your motivation as you work towards completing your desired event.

Hopefully Lucho Dillitos can help you to your PB, and to better general fitness and to achieve those goals in 2021. It is we think the best natural Energy bar / block to train with and race with. Its kind to your insides and helps you keep those energy levels up to smash that goal.

Good Luck folks and I hope this gives you some ideas!!

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Some potential fun  Fitness goals for 2021-

  1. Berlin Marathon = notoriously flat and fun and fast, in one of the worlds great cities. –
  2. London Marathon = just that bit closer to home but still a must thing to do once in your life. –
  3. UK cycle Sportive = find one here –
  4. L’Etape du Tour  -The biggest and best cycling event in the world, period. The closed road Tour de France stage open to amateurs 200km over the alps –
  5. Assault courses your thing ,well get muddy at –
  6. Ironman UK – are you fit, tough and bonkers enough ?  –
  7. The Ultra Marathon Mont Blanc, France – the big one, the legend ,in Chamonix france, loads of separate distances too !,-an-unique-experience.html
  8. A really good first fitness goal and event –