Luchos The convenient energy boost wrapped up in a leaf

Luchos are a sports energy block designed for runners, providing a quick and efficient energy boost as well as convenient disposal in the form of a completely compostable leaf wrapper.

Four Great Flavours

Our Luchos come in 4 delicious flavours all based around the superfruit Guava. Choose from Classic Plain Guava, Guava & Raspberry, Guava & Açai, Guava & Coffee.

100% Compostable Leaf Wrapper

All our Luchos come wrapped in a Bijao leaf, making them perfect for a long run or bike ride in the country.

Vegan-based energy

All our products are 100% plant-based, meaning they are perfect for vegan or vegetarian diets.

All Natural Energy

Our blocks are made of natural products. No fancy science, no harmful substances, just a tried and tested formula that’s been a Columbian staple for generations. With Luchos, you can trust you’re getting exactly what it says on the tin.

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Quickfire Boost

Luchos are designed to provide a rapid boost of energy to keep you going longer. Energy that you feel instantly but lasts a while.


The leaf wrapper and compact size of the product makes it ideal for long runs or hikes as well as providing an easily stored energy solution.

Bursting with minerals

Our products are built around superfruits which means they come loaded with vitamins and minerals that allow you to push yourself further as well as having several health benefits. Learn more here.

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“A welcome change. This is your mid run alternative. In addition it is a hit of energy-boosting carbs, these blocks are also full of vitamins A and C.”