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The UCI tackle littering in the Pro Peloton


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The UCI tackle littering in the pro peloton

Lucho Dillitos – Sports Nutrition in a Biodegradable Leaf

Well, Its always nice to be ahead of the game!

The UCI, Cycling’s governing body confirmed that riders will be fined, docked ranking points and penalised time if they throw objects such as water bottles and wrappers in a careless or dangerous manner, or outside of new specific litter zones.

In stage races, a first infringement of throwing waste can be punished with a 30-second penalty, a second infringement with a two-minute penalty, while a third infringement could lead to disqualification.

The new rules will come into force on April 1, you can read the detail by clicking here.

One of our primary reasons for bringing you LUCHO DILLITOS Energy blocks, was that, it is wrapped in a “Bijao” leaf, part of the palm family, similar to a dried Banana leaf. Having seen plastic bottles and toxic gel wrappers, cyclist and runners rubbish left on verges of roads and pathways world wide we decided enough was enough!

Now, finally the professional peloton are taking action. As the shop window for the sport, events like the Tour de France are what has inspired millions of cyclists, who want to be like their hero’s. Sadly watching debris being tossed aside over the years, gave the impression that this was ok. But it wasn’t WAS IT? Well done though, we commend you for taking a stance, better late to the party than to never go. The knock on effect will be huge.

It has always been noted that, although cycling is a very GREEN sport, it has a vast carbon footprint. Cars, motorbikes buses, and worldwide travel, but this will certainly help.

A previous blog highlighted the complexities of littering issues in more depth.