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Time To Get Active

By March 19, 2020January 31st, 2023No Comments

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Lucho are bursting with natural guava goodness...

Time To Get Active - Runner In The Sunshine

Time to get active!

We’ve been lucky enough to see some occasional sunshine, finally getting out on our bikes and walking the hills.. we’re certainly feeling more active and we’re laying down some miles!

We’re an active team and that is where our passion for this product started.. (the taste testing was an added bonus..) and we believe that a focus on regular exercise is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but to exercise to our true potential, we do need the right fuel.

The nutritional benefits of Lucho Dillitos can be seen on our Nutrition page but remember, whilst they are tasty snacks, full of natural energy, they are also an excellent source of numerous vitamins and minerals.

Now is the time to set some targets, take advantage of the fresh air and challenge yourself!

Stay active, stay healthy.